Deadlines approaching

Woke up already creating slides in my head for the upcoming lectures … deadlines approaching. It turns out that my first lecture on Tuesday is cancelled due to a public holiday. So I am beginning with the BPM course, which is the harder topic, all in all. I still have no more than a rough structure (which I keep changing all the time) and, of course, a mountain of books and articles. OK – this is not the first time. My sister who teaches since 12 years says that I should not worry as long as I was one session ahead of the students (can do). My friend S who teaches physics since years says that, knowing me, I was probably way ahead of the students already and that I should take it easier. They’re both probably right, but perhaps I need this nervousness to perform well.

Off to the woods today, lovely lake in lovely weather. A true Indian summer, which I am mostly spending on the computer…I dont mind though, I am having tons of fun again with MySQL and JAVA.

More and more, I realise that object-orientation is the key and centre to both my topics. So I will begin explaining objects and classes and messaging right away – after a short intro and some information on lifecycles, which is the other common thing. The third: design patterns – most clearly in BPM, expressed thru UML. Anyway, it is amazing what I learnt by not doing more than reading here and there and doing this and the other little program over the past 3 months.

On Tuesday the negotiations for my position begin, too. And on Monday, I have a coaching client in the morning – but that’s for another post, because that is the other side of my professional life – split between information systems and human systems, between machines and men. It’s been a great ride so far!

Trivia: saw Lasse Hallström’s “Casanova” yesterday – entertaining, plot got lots of holes.

Discussing the Internet and social behaviour with C – partly b/c C is now really taking to using art resources on the net, which seem to have multiplied lately (or perhaps only for us since we’ve just gone DSL). she seems happy which makes me happy. and this concludes my early sunday morning ramble…take care!

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