The Art of Falling

In the beginning, my work was fear of falling –
then it became the art of falling –Louise Bourgeois

Excellent coaching from C regarding nervousness before first lectures:

  1. figure out what exactly your worst fear is
  2. prepare something for this situation
  3. create an exercise you are insecure about, and introduce it with the words:
    “you’ll laugh at this, but I have a point, try to figure out what it is”
  4. tap on own insecurity 🙂

Fact is, that I probably know 10 x what I’d need to know to impress the students, and 2 x what I need to teach them something useful. This last thing is the most difficult step.

How did my teachers do it?

GM and RB: they knew all their lectures, even the most complicated ones (quantum electrodynamics, group theory) by heart – but they had not rehearsed them: instead, they were thinking their way through the material each time anew (or so it seemed). I suppose this is what I’m aspiring to. But while I am still working these subjects out for myself, I cannot do it. Or perhaps I could do that exactly because I am still learning myself. This is an encouraging thought!

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