Doubts on my tiny scientific mind

No, I don’t mind rambling on about my issues with teaching. Here I go again: good day with the president and the dean yesterday, negotiating the new position. afterwards a meeting with one of the other professors, who has been at it since 30 years … naturally, he’s got the stuff under his belt. The conversation made me a little insecure – at the same time, I was comforted, because he thought I had more than 50% too much material (my usual problem). So there – boil the long list of INTERESTING topics down to 1/2 its present size. Fine.

Decided to begin the serious prep for the BPM course with a UML diagram of the teaching process itself. This way, the students will find themselves more easily than when I choose any old business example.

Deep inside, I also have doubts that this whole approach is what we should be doing – it all seems so “bitty” – probably my training as a physicist makes me rebel: there are no laws here, this is information science, not really a science, a potpourri, a collection of routines and tips and thoughts, leading in many different directions. Hold on – this DOES sound like science after all. I am confused! Good!

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