Exorcises ;-)

I’m all fired up! Makes me think of the Professor in the recent movie “Proof” played brilliantly by Anthony Hopkins (otherwise a forgettable movie) … “The machinery is working again!”

Categories for exercises:
1 Internet resources (find them, understand them, use them)
… blogs
… wikis
… providers (come with databases)

2 cross word puzzles (revisit definitions and content)
… [use automatic crossword puzzle makers]

3 mindbogglers (tough questions – no easy answer)

4 programming
…fridge magnets (code bits needing to be brought in order)
…be the compiler
…adapt a skeleton programme
MOO exercises

5 text-based questions
…the usual kind of questions

6 dialogue exercises [“turn to your neighbour & discuss the question xxx …”]

7 read articles – comment/excerpt/summarise

8 group exercises

Several of these are beautifully done in the HeadFirst book series. By changing the exercise type, different learning types are served.

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