Awakening the giant within?

I think I am slowly coming back to my own topics and my own style in these lectures. Similar process to last year – first I feel overwhelmed by how much there is, then I realise how much I got, then I need to prune an explosively growing tree … in my 1st BPM lecture, I close with a quote by Joseph Beuys and an image from Fluxus … fun!

A colleague has hammered the dissertation of one of my students, and I must deal with that without anybody in the process losing (too much) face. Some of what this colleague says sounds correct (I have yet to finish reading the dissertation myself) – but I weigh different factors in a different way. E.g. this student worked full-time during her dissertation, she completed a piece of work that was given to her by her company, she did a good job even though it was not exactly her topic -of course, this only counts if the content is any good at all – will see.

My colleague complained that 10 pages of dissertation, as a rule of thumb, required 7 literature references … what kind of law is that? This does not make sense to me. My PhD had 37-something pages and a handfull of references* … it was pretty original work (or at least I thought so at the time!) – perhaps this is a difference between the humanities and the natural sciences. Anyway, time for a 3-way negotiation.

(* allright, it also included 220 pages of c++ code in literate programming style … 🙂

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