Literate Programming

Musing on my own PhD work reminded me of literate programming … something has happened in this field, too – see my links on the right. I am excited about it – always thought that lp was the best thing since sliced bread (or very nearly so)…

My wife noticed that I seem very happy in my new-old-teaching profession: I realised, I work like a student again – reading, writing, coding … what an incredible privilege (I always liked to work anyway, but this is flexible, creative and fun).

On elitism (quoted from noweb) :

Without wanting to be elitist, the thing that will prevent literate programming from becoming a mainstream method is that it requires thought and discipline. The mainstream is established by people who want fast results while using roughly the same methods that everyone else seems to be using, and literate programming is never going to have that kind of appeal. This doesn’t take away from its usefulness as an approach. —Patrick TJ McPhee

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