Wharton on blogs

In a new article in “Knowledge @ Wharton”, their weekly newsletter, professors of this prestigious business school report on their use of blogs in their work. Both positive and negative opinions are vented.

I have been thinking about using blogs for an intervention: as a possibility to give people an (anonymous) voice for their concerns, and perhaps even to build up or connect to a community. The advantage of blogs is that there is most like something or somebody out there (among 50+ mio blogs worldwide) appealing to you and vice versa. Since many blogs are private, you can also take a peek at other people’s concerns and worries: this helps you realise that you are not alone (“hey, my problem isnt THAT bad compared to X’s”). However, I have not tried it yet. Odd, really, since I use the web quite a lot to connect and to obtain last-minute-information. (Not to mention logistics, but that is a different, non-therapeutic use).

The real value of blogs, for me, can be harvested when several people work on the same (thematic) blog – which is my wish for this blog. Otherwise it’s just another form of regular (electronic) column.

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