MacBook Pro

Well, the macworld got me back – since Wednesday, I have been playing and installing around my new 15” MacBook Pro. Far more than a gadget – I had one of the first iBooks back in London, with the then-new MacOS X, and though I loved the design and the distinctly anti-corporate feel of the machine, it was still too buggy and too slow for my taste. Now, this is not an issue with this slim piece of metal whose keyboard is illuminated from below when the lights are dimmed … an iPod Shuffle has entered my life at the same time, so I do feel like gadget-person again. But it is brilliant, whatever they say about modern man being spoiled is true: I am listening to classic radio while writing this, next to it I have opened a podcast with an interesting session (30 min) on the secrets of online communities (Knowledge@Wharton) – I have an Aqua (the Mac’s surface scheme) Emacs, too, and a dashboard to see temperature and business news feeds at the same time as entering new data in my MySQL database. And so on. It’s Web 2.0 allright, when I talk to my friend in Mexico over Skype (using the – of course – built-in webcam which is so small one can hardly see it). Do I sound like a nutcase? Well, the Apple was my first love many moons ago, and it still holds – especially when the company embraces OpenSource (I do use NeoOffice, the Mac-port of The Gimp is not such an easy affair because it depends on GNU libs and X11 – couldnt face that yet. Bye for now, gotta download the new Nelly Furtado song … 😉

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