Second Life

Well, you all read about it – but have you been there? I have been in Second Life, on “in-world”, as the residents say, since nearly three weeks now, entertaining not one, but three avatars. I have bought virtual land, made virtual friends (one friend, actually), and generally had a good time learning new things. I own an entire rock on the “mainland” now. There are neighbours, who are never there. Advertisement cubes float in the air and way above, about 200 m up, hovers a platform that I cannot enter – god know what’s going on there. There is even a search warrant for the little girl that disappeared in real life (IRL) – her face is featured on a column nearby. What does it all mean? I don’t know yet. I am reminded of those days on the MOO – a much smaller place with a lot more interaction and a lot less distraction (esp. because it was not visual – only what you made of it in your head). Plans: building a virtual institute, offering at least one class (object-orientation seems suitable), opening an art gallery, giving SL concerts, even taking clients. I have to get a grand piano for that! I will keep you posted … for now, come to Aya’s Rock to see the other “me” 😉 … or see where all this might be going – and here is an interesting article on learning in SL.

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