If “second life” were for real …

Second Life parody

Here is a really easy to see parody on “life” in second life – but very well done, I must say.

Having said that, I am not sure, this even is meant as a parody. It just comes across that way to me. Today, I stayed away from SL as such. Instead, to prepare for the coming term, I looked for a suitable tool to take screencasts. There are great guides out there already, and a bunch of useful tools – both for purchase and for free. In the end, I went with iShowU by Shinywhitebox, which seems to be a … [nostalgic music coming on] … New Zealand company … [nostalgic music fading]. I already made a few experimental movies from within SecondLife (or rather, filming the screen of SecondLife while being logged and moving around in there).

And by and by, I developed moviemaker fantasies: I even began writing a script for one of my avatars on there … no, I will not disclose his identity. But let me say this much: you will not, unless he opens his mouth, discover me!

On the more practical side, I need to make a movie (or perhaps simply use one of the available introductory clips on YouTube) of Second Life for an upcoming research meeting if I want to win a grant (many of the people in the audience will not even have heard of SL), and I must create a few tutorials for using the Wiki, which I had installed on my host server. Next thing I have to master is recording a voice-over for the movie. I am really quite excited about that … not too excited of course, lest I disturb the quiet mood of the Bath House 😉

There is more to tell of my explorations into the virtual 3D world, or “metaverse”, as it is now called. One of my avatars is a woman. I really enjoyed shopping clothes … and “skin” for her (skin, shapely breasts, and all that). More than I ever enjoyed shopping IRL. She has mostly been active in NOR, a dark Sim, or group of Sims (i.e. connected regions of virtual land), where avatars dressed and role-playing as supernaturals, undead, nekros, humans or demons haunt the city and kill each other in wars that they organise and conduct themselves (subject to a relatively strict regime of rules – and without the rules, it probably would not work either). The role-playing as a female in particular is very attractive … and often difficult. My other avatar (an older, ugly, handicapped male) is easier to use and morph into.

Anyway, I am drifting through the virtual ocean quite happily, without paying too much attention to time and money spent (I am a land owner there, too), hoping – no, expecting – some valid return at some point. So far, I have never been disappointed by my intuition, which says “this is interesting and fun – pursue it”. At least some of the way. Who knows where it will get me in the end – where it will get us all in the end?

To wet your appetite – here is a completely different use of SecondLife that got nothing to do with socialising, role-playing, gaming or even programming – watch Ant life in SL.

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