Si pas souffrir

We are going – the whole family – to listen to the Hilliard Ensemble in Berlin, May 6. Really looking forward to that. My daughter (7 yrs) said, when she heard this clip: “Oh, please, lemme go too, can I go too, pls, pls daddy”. So there. It’s a cultural spring for her: today, she attended her first Shakespeare play (school adaptation of “Comedy of Errors”). More Shakespeare than I have seen in a decade … when she came home, I told her that Shakespeare was a very important poet, and she said: “Well, which one was he today?” Naturally, she expected him to be on stage. Hey, I don’t know what this has got to do with digital communities either. You need to see that old man Shakespeare, it’s not a digital experience… (though there is a “digital shakespeare“, an e-mail spam poet).

[youtube HcRq7r-8Jrc]

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