We need systemic solutions now

I am currently sitting at home recovering from a summer flu while trying to write a long (2 years!) overdue article on system constellations. It’s been both fun (to think and write) and a strain (to be ill and write). Guess this is how it is. Weaving organisational learning and systems theory strands into my theme (“overcoming organisational defensiveness routines with constellations”) is a challenge – ’cause I am not reading as much as I probably should be

All this, including my daughter feeling abandoned (my wife’s sick, too), made me think (again) about the purpose in life. Or perhaps I should say “my” purpose in life, since nobody else can give you one, you cannot buy it for any money. Just like love. It comes for free or it doesn’t at all. To keep it, requires work, but to stick to your purpose, requires work, too.

So it seemed magical that I am stepping, after … more than six months … on Randy Pausch and his incredible journey of courage again – I wrote about this some time ago: he is dying of pancreatic cancer. Randy has given a very noteworthy speech on time management at the Univ. of Virginia.

Near the beginning, he says “we need systemic solutions” – meaning: if you feel like you have an issue, you shouldn’t muck around. You need to change the pattern, not just the course. If you don’t want to take the time for that (Pausch: “… you have to make time”), enjoy his moving graduation address of May 18, 2008 below. Gotta show this to my students at the end of term before I possibly never see them again – given the rapid and fragmented course of study that they must (?) follow:

[youtube RcYv5x6gZTA]

Thinking of following Pausch’s advice and send my daughter to Carnegie Mellon. Their teacher:student ratio is about 2,5. Ours is 10, and that’s not even bad – I think classes are typically quite small … go figure.

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