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{{ PERSONALDATA=found the user password to my own bloody blog only after digging deeply … to show me how long i haven’t written an update. motivation was there. participant of a leadership workshop i gave last week (when she saw my blog for the first time): “i can’t believe you’re telling the world that you’re ill!”  – there you go. and here’s more: i am back and better again! 😉 }}

twittered the evening away while taking care of my sick (yup) daughter @home. my student nadiz who works on web communities in her thesis connected me to a very lively crowd on twitter who are pushing “lernen durch lehren” (learning by teaching, or LdL), a refreshing approach that comes awfully close to what i’ve been thinking for a long time, and doing for a much shorter time (still new at this teaching thing) – mostly in close collaboration with my colleague axel benz also of the Berlin School of Economics.

LdL goes back to the work of jean-pol martin of the univ of eichstĂ€tt in germany. so far, i could not find english resources, but there is a very good site in german, as well as a new community of educators  (“Maschendraht“) that i joined, convened by Christian Spannagel and Melanie Gottschalk. Especially attractive: the improvised manner of getting a network started – by simply growing it, not by constructing an impermeable infrastructure (the way Germans do most other things). Me thinks “yes, we can” 😉

own experiments: an article on my experiments with letting students develop their own ILIAS learning modules (since april 2008) is going to be finished soon. the experiences so far are are more and more encouraging – next week we are going to apply software development practice (short iteration cycles, user stories, customer requirements…) to the development of the learning module. a collaborator, jörn schultz aka juanito schwarz, has used sloodle with students from argentina on my rock in 2nd life – apparently with good results. since we seem to have got substantial funding, 2009 could well be a year with a lot more 2nd life activity and -teaching than 2008.

this has been quite the networking evening with a whopping additional 20 or so twitter friends. and i even managed to update my very own wikipedia pages (germ. / engl.) somehow, the encyclopedic entry lends an air of notoriety to oneself. it’s so … wiki. in fact, i had a wiki user page a while back which was rudely deleted by a wikipedia editor – she was completely right though and i learnt something new about wikipedia rules. now a new job: need a script to protect my internet wiki from spam (even though i tend to use the school’s internal ILIAS wiki now) – mediawiki software is quite spam-friendly, it seems.

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