Status update…

…I am officially in the same relationship I’ve been in for the past 16 years and still happy. I do not play Farmville or Mafia Wars and I do not allow spying, viewing, sharing, networking, blogging, supervising, laughing, giving, taking or shaving applications access to my facebook profile. I still maintain said profile so that I see what my “friends” (mostly ex-students) are up to. I am still not using social media as an entertainment channel. Instead I prefer to (1) talk to my wife, who can crack me up, (2) read a book or (3) watch a movie in the cinema or listen to music that I have legally obtained.

What I’m missing out on is niftly and neatly documented by a short video that one of my facebook friends sent me today. The ability of the online world to take the piss out of itself is refreshing at times. Otherwise my teaching in Second Life is going great – status updates here.

More interesting than virtual venues was the HWR Berlin career day “new/social media”, organised by the splendid Denise Gücker, attended by plenty of students and made into a rich event by excellent talks from paypal, ]init[, VZ, Fox Mobile Group with a kick-off talk by my colleague Frank Habermann – accompanied by heavy tweeting. The talks showed that this market is booming and hungry for talent especially those interested in rapid project management.

And now I’m off for some time in the garden – real plants, real dirt and no Internet connection – bliss!

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