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Molotov alvaOn 18 March I, or rather, my trusty centaur Avatar, gave a talk at VWBPE 2011 – “Virtual Worlds – Best Practices in Education“, which took place in the virtual 3D world of Second Life where the Berlin School of Economics rents two islands. Like last year, thousands of avatars came to discuss and learn more on how to use virtual worlds for teaching and learning purposes.

My talk, titled Transfer of Physical Classroom Techniques to the Virtual Classroom During a Practice Supervision Courseis based on recent research (with A. Gallo) on a virtual course, which I have discussed before.

For another conference, B Hagmaier and I created a short (6 min) movie – employing an unusually strong German accent, where I talk about most of the tools that we use in this virtual environment:

Second Life – HWR Island (long version, music, screenshots) from KMU Interkomp 2.0 on Vimeo. There is also a German language version of this movie.

Support of the BMBF/FHProfUnt project Interkomp 2.0 is gratefully acknowledged.

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