Man must dance

New semester has started. To my great surprise, there is a fair number of veteran lecturers who seem to feel just as virginal as I do. Perhaps our holidays are too long?

I have got two very different classes in business information systems – both seem more difficult “to get”, but it always seems that way in the first 2 weeks. One currently holds over 90 students which is is a nightmare – at least for the kind of teaching I do, which tends to use group dynamics. But this comes close to talking at a large conference. I am sure it’ll all be only half as exciting and challenging in a few weeks time, but right now I am re-thinking didactic concepts.

Most exciting for me: I have chosen a new research area – I call it “aesthetics of information architectures” for lack of a better name. Looking for the “sublime” in IS. Already contacted a couple of MISQ (top tier magazine in my field) editors to get into the reviewer circle, which is arguably one of the better ways to get started (again). But the prospect of doing research once more is very stimulating!

The title of this blog: one of my (many) new favourite songs, Man Must Dance by Johnossi.

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