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I couldn’t really come up with a proper title for this posting. Lately, I have made contact with Python, an object-oriented, high-level scripting language (which I first noticed consciously after reading about Pausch). There is a lovely free text bookby Allen Downey, which I highly recommend – I was also impressed by Downey’s account of writing free books.

A course by Downey on “Software Design” helped me to realize which improvements I need to apply to my “project-centered” teaching method. E.g. letting the students write a proper project proposal, mixing homework and lab work, and confining the project to the last 8 weeks of the semester. Lots to do…

Another book I am currently working through is Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran – essentially on creating smart Web 2.0 applications. I would love to use this as the basis for a course on the same topic in our planned Masters study programme (“MIS Masters at the Berlin School of Economics” – here is our blog where we discuss how to do this).

I am very excited about both teaching and writing right now!

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