For the past 16 months, I have maintained not one, not two, but three different blogs in (virtually) different locations (i.e. all hosted by WordPress ) – it occurred to me only now (??) to move all those blogs into one location – here they all are, and if you want to find, e.g. my blogging on “Coaching”, you choose the coaching category in the right hand side navigation menu.

I am very tempted to think that one unconscious reason to keep these blogs separate was that the different aspects of my personality, which DO the coaching, teaching, research etc. had not quite come together. This seems to have happened now. As ever, there ought to be a place for a flippant, sometimes silly category, called “Self“, which contains more personal blobs.

As ever, thanks for coming here and reading my stuff – and I hope you like the new theme of the page – enjoy!

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