New CMS – Drupal 6

I am excited about finally turning my “forever construction site” into a proper CMS system. After looking at mambo/joomla!, and smaller cousins like miaCMS, skeletonz (my favourite at first b/c built with python) I finally settled on Drupal. This is a content management framework rather than a system – it allows for a much more modular, less file-tree-systemish kind of structure – clever!

Installation was a fair breeze thanks to an excellent learning video from lullabot. All worked pretty well – and now the site is offline until Carlye and I can work on some content. Or at least a better new name than “Birkenkrahe’s Web” …

There is a brillant online article comparing Drupal, Joomla! and Typo3, complete with an equally high-powered conversation in the comment thread. The more I read about the phenomenon of “forking” developer communities, which is especially in the Open Source area a frequent event, the more I think this could be an interesting area of modern sociological research. One day, perhaps … Just look at the first few minutes of this video only – bunch of Drupal developers musing:

And after looking at their (commercial, though the Drupal team gets a share) 1 hr video “Understanding Drupal“, I must give it to them: this is a really nice piece of work that I am dying to use in class next semester. Great short explanation how modern website development (should) work(s) and how it came all about. God, the way we built websites in … 1992 😉

I also discovered a nice series of talks, Googletechtalks @ google in CA – including a talk by Angie Byron from Lullabot on Implementing Drupal, full of cameos.

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