Remember Freedom

Some of you may not know “GNU” – it’s not the wildebeest, but one of those funny self-referential akronyms computer scientists are nerdishly famous for (“GNU is not Unix”) – stands for the free operating system distributed by the Free Software Foundation.

Now, famous British Comedian Stephen Fry has made a 5 min video explaining free software, which is both clever, interesting and funny, linking free software and its success to the ways of science and its successes. More Gnu pictures than you ever wanted to see …

Having spent more time than I care to remember (since the late 1980s) with GNU, I feel similarly to Mr Fry who endorses free software beautifully.

[youtube GiAK0AQDXu8]

What else – oh yes – back to the grindstone after 3 lovely weeks including one week of splendid sailing. We’ve got 3 different funding proposals underway, which should be interesting, especially if we’d win them all!

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