finance crisis a worldwide field effect?

i would really like to write something about the new world disorder and the current hysteria related to the financial crisis, but i am not quite there yet. certainly, there is a field effect, which creates a particular constellation. it is rare that a field effect can be felt so clearly – except in the movies: remember the scene in the original “star wars” (usa, 1978) where an entire planet is annihilated – and obi wan kenobi feels the impact of this event. sheldrake did research on this, but i do not know whether it is conclusive.

in organisational development, this effect – be it scientifically proven or not – is already used. my latest article, “System constellations as a tool to support organisational learning and change processes (to be published in the next issue of Int. J. of Learning and Change) explains why and how the constellation method (which possibly relies on a similar effect) can be used in companies.

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