Second Coach

As readers know, I’ve got a first self in the real world and a second self in Second Life where I’ve been active since 2007*. So far, the second self was only engaged in teaching and learning. Now I’m ready to transfer some of my coaching into the virtual world of Second Life. I believe there is real value-add especially for group work like organisational constellations (download article).

I am currently planning to lead an organisational systemic constellation in Second Life as part of the anniversary of the workgroup AK E-Learning convened by Avameo. (When: Sept 9, 18:00. Where:  Kybernethik 1)

See also this 2008 post (in German) by A Mertens (with recent discussion) on online constellation work. I will be writing a lot more about this in the weeks to come – also because I’m wrestling with a longer academic article on the issue of virtual transfer…

Second Coach: Birkenkrahe Aya

First coach: Marcus Speh Birkenkrahe

... but who is this guy?

*) actually, I entertained a third fictitious writing self for a while (see interview here). An extreme case of split virtual personality which I cannot recommend if only because it is exhausting!

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